The National STEM Collaborative

Arizona State University’s Center for Gender Equity in Science and Technology formed The National STEM Collaborative (NSTEMC) as a consortium of higher education institutions and non-profit partners to scale research-based best skills and knowledge, resources and practices on access, completion, and workforce development for women of color in STEM.  The Collaborative and plan of work are important because African American and Latina adolescent girls express more interest in STEM careers than their White counterparts; yet, relatively fewer enter and persist in STEM majors and in the workforce.  According to the National Science Foundation (2012, 2013), minority women comprise fewer than 1 in 10 employed scientists and engineers with only 5 percent of Asian women, 5 percent of African American women, less than 1 percent of Native American women, and 2 percent of Hispanic women represented in the science and engineering labor force in the U.S. This compares poorly with women as a whole, which made up 28 percent of all workers in science and engineering occupations in 2010.

Our Mission is not to simply populate the STEM pipeline with more women of color.  Rather we seek to provide institutions, students, leaders, corporations, and organizations the skills and resources to change the pipeline to be more equitable for more underrepresented women. 

Over a 3-5 year timespan, the Collaborative will engage in a series of three interdependent strategies that advocate for girls and women of color in STEM at each tier of the pipeline, specifically: 

  • Knowledge amplification: Providing valid and reliable data that can be put into immediate practice in p-20 education settings, and disseminating partner research and best practices around advocating for girls and women of color in STEM.
  • Networking resources: Providing a pool of talented students and faculty, while increasing the availability of opportunities for girls and women of color to enter and persist in STEM postsecondary programs and beyond.
  • Scaling best practices: Supporting bold pipeline programs that funnel girls and women of color from community colleges into 4-year universities.

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