Culturally Responsive Robotics Education for Underrepresented Girls

The focus of the Co-Robots for CompuGirls (CR4CG) program is to expose girls from under-resourced areas to co-robotics using effective culturally relevant curricula and instructional approaches. CR4CG is a robotics education program designed to expand the already extant NSF-funded informal education program, CompuGirls, through supplementing this program’s culturally responsive curriculum with humanoid co-robotic activities.

Co-Robots for CompuGirls program objectives:

  • To develop and study culturally co-robot curriculum in the context of CompuGirls
  • Involve CompuGirls in culturally effective humanoid robotics programming
  • Study culturally responsive co-robot curriculum in the context of the CR4CG program

Co-Robots for CompuGirls participants develop expertise in:

  • Human-Robot Interaction concepts: dialogue, emotion
  • Humanoid robot programming: motion, vision, sensors
  • STEM & Comman Core State Standards: Learning how matrices used in robot vision

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For more information, please contact Robin Baskin McNulty.