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Vendor Information Packet

2021 Conference


Dear Vendor,

I am honored and thrilled that you have agreed to participate in this year’s Women of Color and STEM Entrepreneurship Conference. I am confident that your expertise along with your enthusiasm will make your participation memorable. Given your stature, I know that you have many other obligations and appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to join us.

Hopefully, you will find this packet helpful in addressing any questions or concerns. There is a dynamic team who is more than willing to help you along the way. Do not hesitate to contact any one of us. As a collaborative, we seek to resolve any and all issues and offer a quality experience for speakers and participants, alike.

 In order to understand your role, I share with you the history of this conference. As CGEST’s signature event, the program reflects our commitment to coalition building, social justice, and broadening the foundation for all peoples through collective actions with and for women of color (e.g. Native Hawaiian, African American, Asian American, Native American, Asian American/Pacific Islanders, and Latinx) in STEM.

Conference History

During President Barack Obama’s administration, I was privileged to attend many events hosted by White House initiatives. Typically organized as roundtables, I met phenomenal scholars, practitioners, and policy makers committed to many of the same ideals shaping CGEST. Soon after a roundtable, two such individuals, Drs. Evelynn Hammond and Kimberlyn Leary, and I remarked on how siloed conferences had become. We observed that there tends to be an inordinate number of meetings on STEM; a growing number of gatherings for women of color; and a handful of workshops about entrepreneurship. However, we could not identify one that combined these topics in a given time and place. Why not co-organize a conference with and for women of color about entrepreneurial activities in STEM? It was 2016 when we had this epiphany.

 The first conference was co-branded by many White House initiatives. Approximately 100 women (and some men) traveled from across the country to Tempe, Arizona, for this inaugural event. The second conference doubled in size. Our partnerships expanded to include the largest community college system in our nation. In our third year, we have many more industry, educational, and non-profit collaborators than ever. To see sustained, structural  change for women of color in STEM entrepreneurship, we must have participation from all sectors of society. This conference provides the much needed space for dialogue, a celebration of narratives, and lessons to create more equitable pathways.



During the conference, Alexus Robertson, Assistant to the Director, CGEST will be your direct contact. Alexus can be contacted at (480) 727-9490 for on the ground questions please contact Andrea Underwood at (480) 719-9108.


Mauna Kea Resort

62-100 Mauna Kea Beach Drive

Kohala Coast, Hawaii 96743 USA


Vendors will be directly in front of the ballroom



One Day: $500

Entire conference: $1,000

 Click this Link for payment, once on this page, click on the register now button, after you register, select vendor packets and choose either the one day option or the entire conference option.