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Upcoming STEM Equity Exchanges

Upcoming STEM Equity Exchange

February 13, 2019

Theme: ASU ADVANCE: Igniting Inclusivity and Equity 

Speaker: Dr. Erika Camacho, Associate Professor for Mathematical & Natural Sciences Division

Speaker: Dr. Steve Elliott, Postdoctoral Researcher at the Center for Gender Equity in Science and Technology

Arizona State University (ASU) has aligned its institutional charter with a focus on issues of diversity, inclusion, and justice. Intentional in its mission, ASU strives to further enhance both academic and research efforts to address such issues. To achieve this requires various academic units to work across disciplines identify research pertinent research questions and opportunities to advance the agenda around cultivating inclusive cultures, for the University and STEM environments, in particular.

Dr. Steve Elliott will give a brief talk focusing on many of those at ASU who have identified themselves as interested in issues of inclusion, equity, and justice in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, Mathematics, and Health (STEAM+H). He discusses a database of 700+ such researchers and a set of network visualizations. The results of the data reveal a potential invisible college spread across ASU's campuses and schools, which invites discussions about ways in which university-specific invisible colleges might influence university policies and procedures.

Dr. Erika Camacho will speak on the key initiatives and the opportunities of the ASU ADVANCE Institutional Transformation Grant from the NSF.  The overall aim of the ASU ADVANCE is to examine how intersectional dynamics affect and are affected by the explicitly interdisciplinary environment of ASU. The ASU ADVANCE is led by PI Dean Elizabeth Wentz, and co-PIs Monica Gaughan, Lenore Dai, Philip Regier, and Erika Camacho.

 This presentation will be interactive through providing the audience with opportunities to reflect on inclusion, its meaning, how that might differ depending upon who is asked, and the implications of that for the larger community.  Through interactive examples, members of the audience will be stimulated to think about inclusion differently, which by nature of the composition of the anticipated attendees, will create a unique conversation across a diverse representation of academic units. The goal of this presentation is three-fold: (1) to share with a greater community that may have overlapping interests an example of research being conducted around inclusion at ASU; (2) to enable participants to bring meaning to equity and inclusion by challenging their own thinking around these topics; and (3) to aim to have people leave reflective of these concepts in relation to their own attitudes and behaviors as they navigate our shared academic environments.