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Scaling Best Practices

The Collaborative will work to scale effective strategies that recruit, retain, and place women of color into STEM careers.  Based on culturally responsive research approaches, we  support and implement bold pipeline programs that funnel girls and women of color from community colleges into 4-year universities and STEM careers and develop scaleable projects.

Pipeline Programs

Collaborative members and partners receive access to a robust list of well-vetted programs proven to positive impact girls and women of color in STEM.  Included in the list:

Scaleable Projects

The National Bureau of Economic Research conducted a study revealing how teacher bias early in a girl's education has significant effects on her later success in STEM subjects, including whether or not she chooses to take classes in those subjects in high school.  Search committees for institutions of higher education and corporations struggle to diversify their faculty and workforce.  Collaborative members and partners will have access to an innovative on-line Implicit Bias Workshop.  Based on a newly-created platform, Beagle, participants will engage in a personalized learning experience that will invariably change their hiring practices to be more inclusive.