• Andrea Chaves of The Young Women’s Leadership School of Astoria works with attendees of the 2017 Women of Color STEM Entrepreneurship Conference.

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  • CompuGirls work together at the CompuGirls Boot Camp in Phoenix, AZ to develop an app prototype that addresses a social justice issue in their community.

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  • The winning team of the Hackathon for Social Justice, Perception: The Mind's Visual Journey of Implicit Bias, works together to come up with their prototype.

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  • Sandra Begay-Campbell speaks at the Inaugural Women of Color STEM Entrepreneurship Conference.

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  • CGEST Launch Program attendees gather in the School of Earth and Space Exploration.

  • Dr. Maria Hesse, Vice Provost for Academic Partnerships, and Cathleen Barton with Intel Corporation listen to a NAO robot respond to the question, "What do the CompuGirls learn?"

  • Dr. Patricia Garcia discusses the importance of altering the STEM "pipeline" in order to make it more equitable during the CGEST Launch Colloquium.

  • Delia Saenz poses a question to the panel during the CGEST Launch Colloquium.

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Through the National STEM Collaborative, a consortium of higher education institutions and non-profit partners, we advocate for girls and women of color in STEM by providing research and evidence based practices, networking resources, programs and initiatives that may be seamlessly implemented in p-20 education settings. We equip fellow advocates with the tools to expand opportunities for girls and women and color to enter, persist, and succeed in STEM both academically and professionally.



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