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Why Give

Supporters of the Center for Gender Equity in Science and Technology (CGEST) at Arizona State University (ASU) believe that together we can change the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) pipeline. With your gift, we will accomplish this by:

  1. Actively driving the discourse and experiences of underrepresented girls in STEM.
  2. Creating an interdisciplinary, racially-ethnically diverse community of scholars, students, policy makers, and practitioners who explore, identify, and ultimately create innovative scholarship about and best practices for underrepresented girls (p-20) in STEM.
  3. Offering culturally responsive programs for girls of color (e.g. African American, Native American, Latina, and Asian American) and STEM education.

At CGEST we uphold, demonstrate, and value the charter of our New American University. We are immersed in our community, we advance ideas so that access to excellent education can and should exist for all who are qualified, and our team of faculty, students and researchers are committed to pursuing solutions to the great challenges of our time.

All gifts made to CGEST, will be deposited with the ASU Foundation, a separate non-profit organization that exists to advance ASU as a New American University. We thank you for your generous support.


For more information or discuss opportunities contact:

Clay Tenquist at 480-965-2153 or clay.tenquist@asu.edu