About CompuGirls

A Technology Program for Underrepresented Students of Color

CompuGirls is a culturally responsive technology program for adolescent (grades 8-12) students from under-resourced school districts in Arizona, Colorado, New Jersey, and Wisconsin. Supported by grants from the National Science Foundation and based in the Center for Gender Equity in Science and Technology (CGEST), College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Arizona State University, CompuGirls provides fun summer, after-school and year-long programs where participants learn the latest technologies in digital media, game development, and virtual worlds. 

CompuGirls Program Objectives:

  • To use multimedia activities as a means of encouraging computational thinking
  • To enhance techno-social analytical skills using culturally relevant practices
  • To provide students with a dynamic, fun learning environment that nurtures the development of a positive self-concept
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CompuGirls Participants Develop Expertise in:

  • Digital media production with photo editing software
  • Documentary filmmaking with iMovie
  • Podcasting with Garageband
  • Game design with Scratch
  • Virtual world creation with open-sim technology

For more information, please visit the following links:

  • To see samples of projects, click on the CompuGirls' Work page
  • Visit the gallery page to see photos of the girls at work and at their graduation

CompuGirls HerStory

Mission Statement:

To foster the abilities of students from under-resourced communities to become social justice innovators in the 21st century.

We Value:

  • Culturally Responsive Computing
  • Computational Thinking
  • Collective Action
  • Community Advancement
  • Sustainable Effort

Program Description:

CompuGirls is a culturally responsive technology program for adolescent (grades 8-12; ages 13-18) students from under-resourced districts. Supported by grants from the National Science Foundation, CompuGirls provides fun summer, after-school, school break programs where participants learn how to manipulate the latest technologies in digital media, game development, and virtual worlds to positively affect their communities. The peer mentoring approach of CompuGirls creates connections that support lifelong skill development in an empowering and creative environment.

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Mailing address: 

Arizona State University
Center for Gender Equity in Science and Technology
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Tempe, AZ 85287-1108

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We have a strict non-discrimination policy, and all individuals are able to apply and participate in our programs and events without regard to race, sex, gender identification, sexual orientation, national origin, native language, religion, age, disability, marital status, citizenship, genetic information, pregnancy or any other characteristic protected by law.