Welcome to COMPUPOWER – A Culturally Relevant Program for Students

COMPUPOWER is the expansion of the COMPUGIRLS program. In COMPUPOWER, students in urban and rural communities will further develop their non-cognitive skills, use technology for research and problem-solving, and become changemakers in their community. COMPUPOWER will be integrated into the regular school day and is supported by thought leaders that include Mentor-Teachers, school administrators, corporate partners and students. 

COMPUPOWER pilot programs began in the Fall of 2017 at select partner schools.

If you have questions about COMPUPOWER, please contact CGEST.

COMPUPOWER is funded by an Investing in Innovation Grant from the U.S. Department of Education.

  • A COMPUPOWER student works to complete an activity.

  • Mentor-Teacher Training at South Mountain High School.

  • Mentor-Teachers complete an algorithm activity.

  • Students work together to solve a problem.