• A CompuGirl builds a simple circuit with copper tape, an LED, and a resistor during the Learning in Libraries program at Tempe Public Library in Tempe, AZ.

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  • CompuGirls use Choregraphe to program NAO robots during a Co-Robotics for CompuGirls course.

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  • A CompuGirl makes some final adjustments to her arduino-controlled car before the final ceremony begins.

  • CompuGirls visit ASU's Quantum Energy and Sustainable Solar Technology (QESST) Lab to learn about solar, or photovoltaic, cells.

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  • CompuGirls work on programming a NAO robot to perform a dance move.

  • A CompuGirls class visits Intel Corporation to learn about opportunities for girls and women of color in the workforce.

  • CompuGirls proudly present their Scratch project on access to education during the CompuGirls Rally where family, friends, and community members attend to see the progress made by the girls.

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CGEST’s capacity building arm serves to increase the participation of women and girls of color in STEM fields by providing evidence-based, research-driven programs that engage participants in socially relevant technology experiences. Through programs such as COMPUGIRLS, CGEST provides one of the few technology programs that weds culturally relevant practices with project-based technology activities encouraging girls of color to develop socially relevant, researched products in areas of digital media, coding, and robotics.






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