Current CompuGirls Sites

CompuGirls is one of the few programs in the nation introducing adolescent girls to the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through innovative teaching techniques, social justice, and the latest technologies. By providing access to resources not otherwise available, our program helps girls develop the skills needed to become the next generation of tech innovators and community leaders.

CompuGirls Administrator Interview from ASU CGEST on Vimeo.

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Our partner sites provide safe spaces for CompuGirls to thrive and learn while enjoying the following benefits:

  • Cultivation of individuals who are better equipped to understand teen and community issues.
  • Expanded pool of in-service and pre-service teachers with hands-on teaching experiences, particularly in the realm of technology
  • Professional development in proven culturally responsive pedagogical practices and strategies. 
  • Greater understanding of community needs and ability to use community space in nontraditional ways.
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Flexible implementation models:

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More information about becoming a CompuGirls partner site can be found in our Partner Brochure.

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