Community Partners

CGEST would like to thank the following Community Partners for their continued support of the CompuPower program.

Community partners; intel; helios; nexus; state farm; arizona scitech; arizona community foundation

Prospective community partners

If you are interested in becoming a Community Partner of CompuPower, please contact Elaine Arrieta at for more information.

School Partners

School Partners

Testimonials about CompuPower:

CompuPower is a fun class with many benefits. You get to learn team-building skills and build a good image for yourself. You get to tour to very cool but educational places. You also get cool free t-shirts. -Student

It teaches you to understand the people around you. -Student

This is an amazing program.  Other people are intrigued by it because they have never heard of anything like it...It makes our students think outside the box, problem solving, and it's done in a way that they can express themselves. -Teacher

I like how we engaged in many projects that had to do with technology. For example, we used different apps/ websites, GoPros, computers, etc. I've never given the opportunity to use that many technology or like anything that has to do with taking videos/ pictures or making a website in any of my other high school years. -Student

I liked that not only did we participate in the course but we also had the opportunity to make a difference within our schools. -Student

Curriculum Standard

CompuPower aligns with a number of different state and national learning standards. These include Common Core Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, Arizona Standards for Educational Technology, and Arizona Career Technical Education Standards. You can view them here.

Prospective Partner Schools

If you are interested in having the CompuPower course at your school to participate in the research study, please contact Elaine Arrieta at for additional information.