Capacity Team

Elaine Arrieta, Education Outreach Specialist

Elaine Arrieta is an Arizona native. She attended ASU where she earned her BA in psychology. She started her career in behavioral health working at a residential treatment center for women and girls. It was there that she discovered her passion for education while helping adolescents with their studies. She returned to ASU for her post-baccalaureate studies in secondary education. Elaine enjoyed the roles of a classroom math teacher, administrator, and academic coach/mentor for 18 years. ...Her experience was predominantly in areas of poverty and she saw the barriers facing her students. Wanting to do more to affect change on a larger scale, Elaine moved out of the classroom and on to collective impact at Thriving Together, a systems change initiative through Valley of the Sun United Way. She managed educational impact programs by collaborating with schools and community organizations to enhance equity and educational outcomes for students in the Phoenix area. Because of her dedication to underrepresented populations and the opportunity to support culturally responsive programs in STEM, she found the educational outreach position a natural fit for her skill set. Elaine is excited to be a part of the CGEST team.