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Thank you for registering for the 2021 Virtual Women of Color STEM Entrepreneurship Conference!

We highly encourage logging in before the event to test out your camera and microphone if you would like those to work and to get acquainted with the platform.

The conference is being held in a virtual lobby that you can access below. This is the only link you will need for the entire conference. All presentations, panels, and workshops will be accessible through this online platform. 

How to Join the Virtual Event

To join the event, click the link below for the login page.

Virtual Lobby Login

To login, use the credentials below:

Email: email you used to register

Event Password: was sent to your email address - email if you did not receive it

After login, you have entered the event's Virtual Lobby. In the Virtual Lobby you may test your device compatibility and set-up, try features offered in the left NavBar, and view the event schedule and session descriptions. 

You will use this link and login credentials for all dates of the event.

How to Join a Scheduled Session

As an attendee you can only join a session once it has started. Each session has a JOIN button. The JOIN button will become active when the event host starts the session. Once the JOIN button is active, click the button to enter the session. Sessions will open to the public 10 minutes before scheduled start time. 

After a session has concluded, or you exit the session, you will be returned to the Virtual Lobby where you can enter any other active sessions.

Tech Specs & Troubleshooting

For the best experience, it is strongly recommended to join the event using a desktop or laptop, although other devices are supported.

An Ethernet connection (wired) from your computer to your modem or network will provide better performance than WiFi (wireless).

The virtual event is accessed through your browser. No additional software is required.

Browsers supported include the latest Windows, Mac, & Linux versions, including Chrome (recommended), Firefox, Safari, Edge, Mobile on iOS, and Mobile Chrome on Android. Install or update your browser to the latest version for best experience.

Adblocker browser extensions may interfere with some features of the virtual platform. Disabling adblockers when visiting the virtual event is recommended. 

Additional tech and troubleshooting information is available on Virtual Event Help Guide.

If you have any questions or issues, email

About the Virtual Lobby

  • Agenda: All sessions are listed in this section. If you star any of the sessions they will be added to “my agenda”. Clicking on the session will allow you to view the session description along with the speakers that will be presenting.
  • Attendees: All attendees that are registered are viewable in this module and you have the ability to direct message anyone else at the conference.
  • Speakers: All speakers for the conference are listed along with a short bio. You can view what sessions they will be speaking at and add those to your personal agenda.
  • Ask a Question: Links to all of the sessions. You are welcome to ask questions before, during, and after each session about that particular session and topic.
  • Group Chat: Think of this like a messaging board. You can post thoughts, questions, and comments on this public forum for anyone to respond and interact with.
  • Ratings and Reviews: You are welcome to review each session you attend, as well as individual speakers, by giving them 1-5 stars as well as leaving comments and notes on the session. We encourage you to tell us what you enjoyed and what could be improved for next time.
  • Conference bag: Throughout the conference, some speakers may be allowing you to download materials. If you are using the app you can add any of those materials to ‘your bag’ and then at the end of the conference, it will allow you to send you everything at once to your email. To download the app see the instructions below.
  • Notes: You are able to write notes during the conference. These are only seen by you and are for your personal use.

Download the Special Events App

You also have the option of downloading the ASU Special Events application (Google Play|Apple Store) for your phone and using the same login credentials to access many of the same features as the virtual lobby.

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Schedule of Events

(The virtual platform has the option to show your everything in your local timezone.)

For more details on each session, visit the virtual lobby or the CGEST website.

Please note that all sessions below are listed in HST

Convert to your local time zone here or use the table below.













Tuesday, March 23rd: Time Zone HST

9:00 | Welcome and Keynote Speaker: Dr. Na’ilah Suad Nasir

10:15 | System Mapping Presentation

11:50 | Open Spaces - Talk Story

12:30 | Panel: Funding Women of Color in STEM

2:00 | Option A: Language Use Assessment for Funders

    Option B: Pitch Coaching, Q&A for Fund Seekers

3:30 | Happy Hour Beachside Hangout in High Fidelity

Wednesday March 24th: Time Zone HST

9:00 | Panel: Navigating to an Inclusive Future

10:30 | Panel: Diversifying Climate and Ocean Science

12:00 | Open Spaces - Talk Story

12:30 | Affecting Policy

2:00 | Panel: Not the Luck of the Draw: High-Impact Practices for Long-Term Engagement

3:10 | Option A: Research Informed Practices

    Option B: Developing Culturally Responsive Computing Programs for Informal Learning Environments

4:45 | Happy Hour Beachside Hangout in High Fidelity

Thursday, March 25th: Time Zone HST

9:00 | Keynote Speaker: Dr. Tarika Barrett

10:00 | Photo Elicitation: The Power of Images

10:45 | Panel: Workplace Experiences of Women of Color in Tech

12:00 | Open Spaces - Talk Story

12:30 | Option A: Thriving in Early Career

    Option B: Organizational Policy and Intervention

2:00 | Closing & Next Steps