Data Collection, Analysis, and Dissemination

Dr. Christine O’DonnellPostdoctoral Research Associate

Christine O’Donnell is a Postdoctoral Research Scholar with a passion for understanding how the Universe works and sharing that knowledge with others. Her Ph.D. dissertation was a combination of research into galaxy formation leveraging the power of both observations and simulations and research into developing a framework for inclusivity-driven education in a general-education astronomy course. At ASU, she is working with both the Center for Gender Equity in Science & Technology (CGEST) and the School for Earth & Space Exploration (SESE) to continue developing, implementing, and assessing inclusive science education. Her new science curricula will explicitly include principles of cultural responsiveness and intersectionality in order to empower students to connect science with their personal identities.

Dr. Tara Nkrumah, Postdoctoral Research Associate 

(480) 727-6880

Tara was born in Chicago, Illinois. Most of her early adult life was spent in Texas and Tennessee before moving to West Africa. After seven years, she returned to the United States from Ghana to complete her PhD. She has 13 years of teaching experience in the United States and seven years in Ghana. Her ability to successfully teach science in diverse settings by population, culture, and class is attributed to years of teaching in U.S. inner city, urban schools, and overseas at the top international school in Accra, Ghana with over 60 nationalities. She has taught both high school level courses in Biology, Integrated Physics and Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, Health, Algebra I and in middle school Comprehensive Science. She is well versed in teaching the Middle Years Program (MYP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum as well as Honors and Advanced Placement courses.

Mentored by her father and grandmother at an early age cultivated her passion in the field of science/STEM education. The conferred degrees include a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from Middle Tennessee State University, a Masters in Education from Tennessee State University, and a PhD in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from the University of South Florida. Tara is energetic, disciplined and passionate about exposing students to the joys of science education through hands-on experiences that help them to bridge the classroom to their community and life.

Tara’s research agenda on science curriculum (leadership) development explores methods to increase the underrepresentation of Black women in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, (STEM). Her current research on the pedagogical and theoretical development of science educators’ understanding and practice of engagement in science relies on poststructuralist perspectives, her extensive experience teaching science, and her exposure to qualitative research methods. Additionally, her training in anti-oppressive theatre, Theatre of the Oppressed, supports her examination of how popular culture and sociopolitical discourse flow through entertainment media and frame public perception about science education and/or STEM careers, particularly for underrepresented groups.

Besides conducting research and presenting, she enjoys meeting new people, traveling, exercising, dancing, eating Indian food, and spending time with her husband and daughter.

Lydia McInnes, Graduate Research Assistant 

Lydia is a first-year Gender Studies doctoral student in the School of Social Transformation at Arizona State University. She completed her BA in Journalism and Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Lydia’s research interests include gaming, media, and culture studies, specifically how women and other minority groups are represented, portrayed, and barred from gaming and tech circles. She is also interested in violence prevention and bystander intervention work and where the tech and violence prevention realms intersect and overlap.


Shubham Patil, Graduate Research Assistant

Shubham is a graduate student studying Masters in Computer Science (MS CS) at Arizona State University. Prior to pursuing his masters worked as a professional software engineer at General Electric (GE). He has worked on building and engineering web applications using cloud technologies to support and solve business use-cases. Shubham also worked as a Software Development Intern at Amazon during the summer of 2020 and hopes to apply the knowledge he gained during the internship to the work he does at CGEST. At CGEST, Shubham is responsible for maintaining and developing the CGEST Digital repository. Outside of work Shubham enjoys playing ping-pong and hiking.

Kai M. Kline, Graduate Research Assistant

Kai is a first-year doctoral student in the Counseling Psychology program. He obtained his B.S. in psychology from Lock Haven University in Pennsylvania and his Master of Counseling degree from ASU. His research and clinical interests focus broadly on health disparities among gender and sexual minorities. Specifically, he is interested in how experiences related to being transgender/gender non-conforming affect various aspects of romantic relationships and overall mental health.

Alexis D.FaisonGraduate Research Assistant

Alexis is a doctoral student in Counseling Psychology at Arizona State University (ASU). Alexis also received her master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at ASU. She is a proud North Carolina Native. Her clinical interests include working with transition-aged youth and adult populations with a variety of presenting concerns in both community and university college settings. Her research focuses on ethnic/racial identity development and minority mental health, with emphasis on African Americans. Alexis uses social justice and multicultural approaches to research and practice. In the future, Alexis aspires to a career in academia that will allow her an opportunity to focus on research, teaching, and mentoring. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her partner and toddler.

Rachel Spencer, Barrett College Fellow Volunteer

Rachel is a fourth-year undergraduate student studying Economics (BS) at Arizona State University. Additionally, she is pursuing certifications in Cross-Sector Leadership with the Next Generation Service Corps and Small Businesses and Entrepreneurship with the W.P. Carey School of Business. She is excited to join the Center as a Barrett College Fellow and support its mission to build better opportunities and a better future for girls of color in STEM. Rachel is passionate about providing solutions to gender inequity in professional environments and looks forward to learning from the Center’s intentional, intersectional approach.


Rachel Ware, Barrett College Fellow Volunteer

Rachel is working with the center on the i3/CompuPower grant. She is a junior studying Computer Science. She has an interest in teaching computer science and STEM topics to children in underrepresented groups. Through her own experience of discovering the ability to study engineering in high school as a woman of color, she is invested in others having the chance to try STEM in an encouraging environment. CGEST works to provide the types of opportunities and research that support these aims. 

Xuan Nguyen, Barrett College Fellow Volunteer

Xuan Nguyen is a second-year undergraduate student studying Biological Sciences (BS). She is also a future pre-medicine student with interests in global/public health, health disparities, gender inequalities, and finance with a little more into personal/professional development. Additionally, she is still deciding to pursue either a business minor or might take some classes with W.P. Carey School of Business to learn more about how profit/non-profit business works to help in bridging the pay gaps between man and woman in the healthcare industry. She is enthusiastic and eager to join the Center for Gender Equity in Science and Technology as a Barrett College Fellow and support its mission with the 4th National STEM Collaborative project in educating young girls and women of color to pursue the STEM fields in Hawaii and the United States starting from kindergarten. She is passionate about learning the roots of intersectionality as well as proposing potential solutions. She is looking forward to developing a mindset of a problem-solver in a more professional/personal growth environments. 

Shalini VijayaraghavanBarrett College Fellow Volunteer

I am Shalini! I am currently a Junior at Barrett the Honors College at ASU majoring in Psychology and minoring in Global Health. I am on a pre-med path and looking forward to a career in medicine. Other than school and research, I love to listen to music, read books, watch Sci-fi movies, and spend quality time with my family!