Research Team

Christine Leavitt, Graduate Research Assistant

Christine is a doctoral student in Gender Studies at ASU. Her research interests include the intersections of gender, religion, and mental health. Christine has worked as an attorney in the field of employment and labor law for over 12 years and as an adjunct instructor for over 7 years. In these positions, Christine has been involved in research seeking to close the low-income gap graduation rate from higher education and has worked to promote women and minorities into positions of leadership. Christine has also been given the opportunity to be a guest lecturer in Ukraine and Moldova as part of the US Build Initiative. As a mother of 6 children, including 3 girls, Christine is very passionate about gender equity in STEM, especially for girls who come from underrepresented communities and face additional barriers in STEM fields. Christine graduated with honors from BYU Law School with her Juris Doctor, and she graduated Valedictorian of her class from Southern Utah University with a B.A. in Political Science and Spanish. She loves learning, traveling, exploring the outdoors with her family, hiking, camping, paddle boarding, and meeting new people. She is an accomplished pianist and a long-distance runner. 

Ali Roberts, Graduate Research Assistant

Ali Roberts is a graduate student in Women and Gender Studies at Arizona State University. She is interested in exploring and describing visual and narrative culture, the impacts of narrative voice, and the ways narrative culture produces biases. Ali graduated from ASU in 2020 with a B.A. in Global Health and minored in Women and Gender Studies. Ali was an undergraduate research apprentice on the ASU ADVANCE Social Science Research team, which explored the life course experiences of women and faculty of color in STEM fields to identify gaps and discover opportunities to support professors throughout their careers. Ali is a self-identified artist, which provides an understanding of the influence of art on our lives and worldview, particularly in the realm of popular culture and media texts. Ali is interested in exploring feminist critique of these media texts and the implications of representations of historically marginalized communities, particularly in the realm of science fiction. In her free time, Ali loves painting, hiking, and rollerskating, as well as spending time with her partner and pets.

Luis Marquez, Research Aide

Luis Marquez is a Master of Counseling student at ASU. Born and raised in Las Vegas Nevada, Luis received his B.S. in psychology at Xavier University of Louisiana. He is currently a Graduate Research Assistant for CGEST. His research interests include uncovering barriers to Black women participating in STEM as well as the impact of multiple sources of inequality on Black LGBTQ members. Luis is a published author and his work has been included in XulaNexus.

Rachel Ware, Graduate Research Assistant

Rachel Ware is a first-year master’s student studying Computer Science at ASU. They graduated with a BS in Computer Science from ASU in May 2021. They started with CGEST as a Barrett College Fellow to further their knowledge and gain interdisciplinary insight into opportunities for equity in STEM. As their own journey into engineering was through a program targeted towards girls, it inspired them to want to invest in and support the opportunities of others to try STEM in an encouraging environment. They are interested in methods of teaching computer science topics and how technology, art, and social justice intersect.

Pranati Guduru, REU

I am a rising junior at Arizona State University, Barrett the Honors college, studying Computer Science. I got involved with CGEST through the Barrett Fellows Program and am now a student researcher working on the Cozmo/CompuPower grant for the summer and fall semesters. I am extremely passionate about advocating for underrepresented communities, especially women in STEM. I am excited about the project I get to work on because I feel as if I am making an impact by providing support and knowledge to young girls to encourage them into careers in tech. When I graduate, I hope to pursue a career in Software Engineering while continuing to promote gender equality in tech.

jayashree smiling

Jayashree Iyer, REU

Jayashree is a senior at Arizona State University studying biomedical engineering. She is a student researcher working on the Cozmo/CompuPower grant during the academic year. She is passionate about women's health engineering as well as educating young women of color about careers in STEM. Through her own experiences in biomedical research in an academic setting, she is incredibly passionate about identity, power, and how it plays into perceptions in professional environments. She one day hopes to advocate for women of color in public and global health in underserved communities and create diagnostics and treatments for neglected chronic conditions. Outside of work, Jayashree spends her time reading, hiking, or learning any instrument possible.