Summer Residency Experience (SRE) & Professional Development

Summer Residency Experience

Each year CompuPower high school student’s hard work, collaboration, and hands-on learning are rewarded with multi-day SRE, offering an on-campus college science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) experience like no other. In the past, students get the opportunity to tour the ASU Tempe campus, experience interactive discussions with a diverse panel of industry leaders, enjoy on-campus dining and athletic activities, and present their final group projects on implementing positive social change in their local communities to Industry Leaders. 

Due to the pandemic, the 2020 and 2021 SRE had to be converted to a virtual experience.

This year, the Summer Virtual Experience will be held on May 4th-6th, 2021, where students from our seven partner schools will gather virtually together for a fun-filled and educational journey exploring a variety of careers in the STEM field such as cybersecurity, bio-design, and genetics, participate in virtual tours of the ASU campus and laboratories, and present their final coalition projects.

We have a strict non-discrimination policy, and all individuals are able to apply and participate in our programs and events without regard to race, sex, gender identification, sexual orientation, national origin, native language, religion, age, disability, marital status, citizenship, genetic information, pregnancy or any other characteristic protected by law.

Summer Virtual Lineup of Experiences

Theatre of the Oppressed

Virtual Tour of ASU: This virtual campus tour will lead you around ASU's campuses from the comfort of your home. Hear from campus tour guides as they navigate campus using Google Maps, showing you some favorite locations and sharing their experiences.

A Day in the Life of a Barrett Scholar

Cybersecurity: With and Jon Ownby

Autopsies and Pathology: Ever wonder what a brain looks like? Claryssa Borja: My title is Pathology Technician for a research department that mainly focuses on neurological illnesses. Part of my job consists of performing autopsies on donors after they pass so we can use their organs, including the brain, for research. In this presentation, you will get to see some of the cool brain pics from donors that I have actually removed and prepared! Along with the pictures, you will hear how all of the tissues are used for research.

Marston Space Center: With Kimberly Baptista, graduate student research and space connections. Learn more about the ASU experience from current students, ways to be involved in the community and unique research opportunities at the School of Earth and Space Exploration.

Aerospace: With Jason Olivarez: So you want to be an Aerospace Engineer? Are you interested in cutting-edge technology? Would you like to know how aerospace systems are conceived and designed? Do you like things that fly? In this session, you'll hear firsthand how aerospace engineers design and develop the aircraft and aerospace systems powering the next generation of flight. Find out more about this exciting industry and how you can become a part of it.

Physics Demonstration: The Ultimate Science with Don Balanzat. Physics is the ultimate science. It explores and describes the way the universe works – from the smallest particles to the largest galaxies. In this session, Don will show you sound waves made of fire, how to bend water and light, lab-created lightning, quantum levitation and more. No tricks, no magic - just physics!

Genetics: With Nicole Teed

Bio Design: With Jaime Barker: CXFEL, Immunotherapy, Biosensors

Virtual Night Sky: Majestic Constellations of the Spring Night Sky

We are all looking forward to this year's summer virtual experience where students will be able to showcase their work as technosocial change agents while getting valuable insight into the many pathways STEM fields have to offer after graduation.

Thank you to our partner schools, sponsors, and wonderful staff for making this event possible this year.

Professional Development

Professional Development: Culturally Relevant Teaching

Dr. tara Nkrumah recently hosted a culturally relevant teaching (CRT) professional development session at Northland Preparatory Academy in Flagstaff, Arizona! Some topics that were covered included:

● Background of Culturally Relevant Teaching
● Becoming a Culturally Relevant Teacher
● Conducting Equity Audits
● Writing Culturally Relevant Curriculum
● Implementing Culturally Relevant Curriculum and Pedagogy

The Culturally Relevant Teaching Professional Development Workshop 2023 focused specifically on the role that intersectionality (gender, race and ethnicity, language, sexuality, socioeconomic status, and more) plays within a student’s journey, the barriers it presents, and the solutions that are needed to remove those barriers within more rural communities.

Northland Preparatory Academy is a rural 6th-12 grade public charter school serving 633 students and employing 43 teachers, with 27 teachers attending the CRT professional development session and 18 completing a post-session survey. 

Student Demographics:

Female – 54%
Male – 46%

White – 75%
Hispanic/Latino – 13%
American Indian/Alaska Native – 4%
Asian – 2%
Two or More Races – 5%
African American/Black – <0%
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander – <0%

The Data at a Glance:

Dr. tara Nkrumah leads the CRT professional development session at Northland Preparatory Academy

Dr. tara Nkrumah leads the CRT session in a group activity. 

CRT professional development attendees participate in session activities

Check out the images from the session below and be sure to check back for future professional development opportunities!


Download a PDF-version of this file here